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A A free-to-use site on helping your child learn ter Provides information on improving learning and understanding learning difficulties through online videos, re…
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•  Psychological Disorders
•  Gardners
•  History of Psychology
•  Branches of Psychology
•  Psychology The Where were trapp
•  On Facebook good (and bad) moods
•  Amazons Prime fee hike Is this ju
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A free-to-use site on helping your child learn ter

Provides information on improving learning and understanding learning difficulties through online videos, resources, articles and a discussion forum.

A Parents Guide to Raising Great Kids

articles on raising great kids: sections: questions successful parents ask themselves and distinguishing punishment from discipline/ parental power/parental authority.

ABA Articles and Free Materials

Website established to provide informational articles about Applied Behavior Analysis and free teaching materials for use with ABA educational programs.

ABA Educational Resources

A website for parents/caregivers/professionals involved in an educational program for children with autism spectrum disorder. This site offers free and affordable materials specific to a home or school based ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) program.

About Dyslexia and Reading Problems

Comprehensive information on dyslexia based on latest brain research Provides practical suggestions and materials for helping children and teens with dyslexia.

ADD Resource

ADD Resource is a search engine and directory for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, ADD/ADHD, and other Learning Disabilities.

ADHD and ADD… Do You Know All You Need to Know?

ADHD disrupts lives and milies, but it can be successfully managed! Good nutrition, behavior modification, educational support, medications – each plays a role in improving ADHD.

Aspergers Syndrome, High Functioning Autism, and Disorders of the Autistic Continuum

Asperger Syndrome (AS) is a pervasive developmental disorder characterized by deficits in social interaction and motor coordination, and unusual or restricted patterns of interest or behavior. Clinically, the distinction ween autism and Aspergers disorder is often made in terms of severity and in the qualitative expression of the criteria. Both syndromes are characterized by social interaction deficits, impaired communication skills, and unusual or bizarre behaviors.

Aspergers Syndrome: A Developmental Puzzle

Aspergers Syndrome (or AS) is a congenital neurobiological condition that affects .% of the population. AS is linked to autism spectrum disorder, and includes autistic-like behavior and marked deficiencies in social and communication skills.  AS individuals are of average to above average intelligence, some with unusual gifts and creativity.  As a diagnosis, it has been known in Europe since the s, but has only been included in our medical diagnostic manuals since .

Attention Deficit Disorder Resources for those with ADD/ADHD

Quality ADD/ADHD information, resources, support and help provided a national non-profit organization with a mission of helping people with ADHD achieve their full potential.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

For many people, this is what its like to have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD. They may be unable to sit still, plan ahead, finish tasks, or be fully aware of whats going on around them. To their mily, classmates or coworkers, they seem to exist in a whirlwind of disorganized or frenzied activity.

Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a common disorder in children. This handout has been developed to educate parents regarding the causes, symptoms, and issues associated with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

URL: Fact Sheet

Autism (sometimes called classical autism) is the most common condition in a group of developmental disorders known as the autism spectrum disorders (ASDs). Autism is characterized by impaired social interaction, problems with verbal and nonverbal communication, and unusual, repetitive, or severely limited activities and interests.

Autism Speaks

Autism spectrum disorders can usually be reliably diagnosed by age , although new research is pushing back the age of diagnosis to as early as months. Parents are usually the first to notice unusual behaviors in their child or their childs ilure to reach appropriate developmental milestones.

AutismWeb: A Guide for Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorder

A parents resource guide to the diagnosis, education and treatment of children with autism, Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) and autistic spectrum disorders.

Autistic Society

Website focusing on Autistic Spectrum Disorders. Offering supportive, informative and friendly community for parents, professionals and milies. Also providing up to date news, statistics, photo-art gallery, variety of info and interactivity.

Behavior Therapy for ADHD

Behavior therapy for ADHD can include behavioral interventions, social skills training, and parenting skills training. In addition to these types of therapy, parents can help improve their childs behavior by setting and enforcing rules, maintaining a consistent schedule, and organizing everyday items such as clothing and school supplies.

Behavioral Parenting

The site provides concrete help in the difficult job of raising kids. This introduction will help you understand how behavior analysts view this challenge.

Behavioral treatment for ADHD

An important non-medical approach used in treating children with ADHD is known as behavior therapy or behavior management. Behavior therapy is based on several and sensible notions about what leads children to behave in socially appropriate ways.

Born To Explore! The Other Side of ADD

Positive and alternative information about attention deficit disorder, including creativity, giftedness, temperament diversity, allergies and nutrition.

Center for the Study of Autism

The Center provides information about autism to parents and professionals, and conducts research on the efficacy of various therapeutic interventions. Information on Angelman syndrome, Aspergers syndrome, Landau-Kleffner syndrome, pervasive developmental disorder, Prader-Willi syndrome, Rett syndrome, Williams syndrome, and much more.

Child and Adolescent Mental Health

National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) menu of Child and Adolescent Mental Health related issues.

Child Anxiety Network

Anxiety disorders are one of the primary mental health problems affecting children and adolescents today. Given the wide range of stressors associated with growing up, it is important that our children have appropriate skills for coping with anxiety and other difficult emotions. The Child Anxiety Network is designed to provide thorough, user-friendly information about child anxiety.

Child Behavior and Parenting

Empowering Parents is an online magazine and email newsletter published by Legacy Publishing Company to provide useful problem solving techniques to parents and children.

Child Behavior Guide

Free online resource for parents and professionals with helpful information related to challenging child behavior, applied behavior analysis, developmental disabilities and behavior disorders.

Child Development Basics

Information on child development including physical, mental and emotional growth. Helps parents know what to expect from children as they develop.

Child Temperament Profiler

Child Temperament Profile. Shy, stubborn, surgent, or sensitive? What is your childs temperament? Here you can find out about your childs temperament and about how you and your child fit together...

Childhood Psychiatric Disorders Key area of Child Health Concern

Childhood psychiatric disorders comprise children’s emotional-behavioural disabilities. Though common, often go unrecognised, jeopardising child’s learning and mily’s peace.

Childhood Trauma: How States become Traits

Childhood trauma has profound impact on the emotional, behavioral, cognitive, social and physical functioning of children. Developmental experiences determine the organizational and functional status of the mature brain. The impact of traumatic experiences on the development and function of the brain are discussed in context of basic principles of neurodevelopment.

Children and Sleepwalking

Sleepwalking (Somnambulism) is a series of complex behaviors that are initiated during slow wave sleep and result in walking during sleep. Medical reports show that about % of the population are prone to sleepwalking. It is more common in children than in adolescents and adults.

Classic Theories of Child Development

A month-by-month look at innt development - Months as well as a tutorial on the child development theories of Erik Erikson, Margarer Mahler & Sigmund Freud.

Combining Love and Limits in Authoritative Parenting

In contrast to the common practice of pitting love and limits against each other, several research programs have shown that optimal parenting combines the two. This outlines a conditional sequence model of optimal disciplinary responses and shows its consistency with a wide range of research. The model suggests that optimal disciplinary responses begin with less severe tactics, such as reasoning, but proceed to firmer disciplinary tactics when the initial tactic achieves neither compliance nor an acceptable compromise.

Consensus Statement: Diagnosis and Treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

The objective of this NIH Consensus Statement is to inform the biomedical research and clinical practice communities of the results of the NIH Consensus Development Conference on Diagnosis and Treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). The statement provides state-of-the-art information regarding effective treatments for ADHD and presents the conclusions and recommendations of the consensus panel regarding these issues.

Developmental Basis of Dissociation

This chapter covers what is known about the development of normal and pathological dissociation. Although there are many theories and speculations about the developmental basis of dissociation, relatively little is known about it beyond the role of childhood trauma (see Chapter Four). Therefore, in addition to presenting the existing research data on the role of such ctors as age, gender, genetics, culture, education/intelligence, and mily environment, I discuss the DBS models implications and predictions concerning these ctors.

Diagnosis and Evaluation of the Child With Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

From the American Academy of Pediatrics. This clinical practice guideline provides recommendations for the assessment and diagnosis of school-aged children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). This guideline, the first of sets of guidelines to provide recommendations on this condition, is intended for use by primary care clinicians working in primary care settings.

Distinctions ween Self-Esteem and Narcissism

The major purpose of this essay is to explore contemporary early childhood educational practices related to self-esteem and narcissism.

Dysgraphia: Learning Disabilities in Writing

Dysgraphia is a learning disability that affects writing abilities. It can manifest itself as difficulties with spelling, poor handwriting and trouble putting thoughts on .

Dyslexia Symptoms & Dyslexia Signs

A resource on the symptoms of dyslexia, including the possible effects of this disorder on math and handwriting.


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