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Combat Tunneling Robot Considerations
The United States military needs combat tunneling robots for urban warfare settings such as Iraq. International terrorists, Iranian Insurgents and Enemy Combatan…
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Combat Tunneling Robot Considerations
The United States military needs combat tunneling robots for urban warfare settings such as Iraq. International terrorists, Iranian Insurgents and Enemy Combatants will often hide in homes or buildings. And the United States military cannot
Designer Hurricanes Spinning The Wrong Direction; Owning the
Is it possible to start a hurricane, which spans the opposite direction in order to stop a hurricane from forming? Or would the energy being created merely disrupt the hurricane formation only to allow it to join forces later and cause an ev
Dropping Humans Inside Precision Bomb Pods Into The Battlesp
As radar systems get better it will become harder to insert special teams or Navy Seals into enemy territory. Generally, during wartime nothing gets in and nothing gets out without being detected. The United States of America military and th
Tunneling Robotic Design and Phase I Concept Considerations
The U.S. military needs tunneling robots, NASA needs tunneling robots, public works departments need tunneling robots, FEMA needs tunneling robots and so does law enforcement, FBI, Border Patrol, DEA, DHS and The ATF. But, how come no one ha
Power Options for Tunneling Robots
Tunneling robots have many applications for instance laying underground cable, finding damaged pipelines, rescuing people from natural disasters, saving people from hostage situations or military applications in hunting down international te
Possible Sensors for Tunneling Robots
No one has built the small and reliable tunneling robot that works good however, it makes sense that research and development dollars are spent these I need such a system. In order to make sure the tunneling robot works properly it will need
Tunneling Robot Control and Computer Brain Options
Tunneling robots have many applications, as they would be used to total underneath something to fix the problem, rescue a survivor, aid in a hostage situation or attacked an enemy such as an international terrorist, insurgents or enemy comba
Tunneling Robots for Combat; Design Concepts
When fighting in urban situations often the enemy can hiding behind walls or behind landscape making it very difficult to get him and giving the advantage to the enemy if you try to advance on their position. Therefore it makes sense to use
Tunneling Robots; Applications and Logistics
Is it possible to use tunneling robots to attack the enemy and protect our troops while in combat in urban settings? That is to say to tunnel under an insurgent, an enemy or an international terrorists location and then attack. Sure one woul
Biorefinery Initiative and Growing Our Fuel
Well, Brazil has been doing it for years; growing their own fuel. But can the United States of America grow enough ethanol to power are up all of our automobiles? That is no easy task considering the enormity of our demand; nevertheless that
Future Alternative to Powering Homes and Businesses
United States of America is developing a strategic plan and looking at future alternatives to powering homes and businesses. With natural gas spikes and the ever-increasing demand we need to change the way we power our homes and businesses.I
Will Technology Save Us From Our Addiction to Foreign Oil?
The President of the United States of America has stated and it cannot be denied; America is addicted to foreign oil. The question is; can United States technology save us from our addiction to foreign oil? Many believe it can and all I pers


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